The Most important Lesson
The most important lesson AMAL gave me is the “CONFIDENCE”. A confidence on myself and my abilities, I have the abilities to do the work, job. But I wasn’t confident that weather I will get the job or not, I used to think that the super amazing jobs are just in dreams we can’t get that, now I realize that everyone can get that, you just have to work on it.

“if you can dream it, you can get it”

AMAL gave me such confidence, I learned many new things. It took step by step procedure and build the confidence, it starts from khudi and then how to be a pro professional and at last how to cope with the failure and try again and again until you achieve your dream. It taught me how to search for a job, company, how to write a super amazing cover letter and CV and how to be a pro professional by following PASSENGER. And then one on one session boost your confidence a lot and give you courage to do the things. Now I feel superior to other students of my class, before this I don’t have feeling of an engineer :p I used to think that I have passed 3 years of Engineering, I am not having the feeling of an engineer or professional :D

Now I get which are the things that made difference, I am grate full to AMAL that it gave me such confidence and now I am able to follow my dreams, before this I do think about becoming a high profile but it’s just like a mystery but now I am confident and a realistic dreamer.

All the lessons that I learned from AMAL are very practical and social life,they not only make us a better professional but also a good human beings, I am already applying these lessons and INSHALLAH keep on applying in my life.