Every software not written in JavaScript that is existing today WILL one day be written in JavaScript.

That’s a statement I made on Facebook today that let to a long discussion with friends. Some saying its not possible to others saying it applies to every programming language or that these apps won’t be performant but since when did performance stop programmers from doing something? If its all that matters then we would still be writing all programs in assembly.

I am also saying that these programs WILL be created not that they CAN be created so its not about possibility. Also not saying that existing apps will be ported but that apps in their category will be created so think in terms of text editor not Emacs, word processor not MS word, Photo editor and not PhotoShop. By the way all these example categories already have their counterparts.

Will the creation of this apps in JS be necessary? May be, may be not but its already happening. Do I love JavaScript? No, but this is happening whether I like it or not.

Why is this going to happen for JavaScript but not other languages?

Its not only about the language but about the community that has build around it. Not only is it large but its very diverse in every sense. JavaScript has very smart programmers that create frameworks, libraries and other infrastructure and enough “user” programmers to adopt the new tools without questioning them thus giving them a community on which they get better over time as issues are reported and fixed.

The language itself changes so often that its hard to follow and its so unpredictable due to its inherent nature and multiple implementations (various browsers). This has kept JS devs on their feet and always on the look out for new libraries, frameworks and build tools which have never failed to keep coming. This has also given them a hacker nature wherein they have no fear trying it anywhere they can even in cases it may not make sense and its all for the fun of it while there will always be some one to give their projects a spin.

Its also the true language of the web. There is really no “true” implementation of JS that everyone looks up to and with monopolistic adoption like PHP has Zend Engine, Python has CPython, Java has the JVM from Oracle and Erlang with BEAM.

It may not seem obvious to everyone today but no language is being used for desktop, mobile, browser and server applications and widely adopted in all these areas as much as JavaScript so its more obvious today than before Node.js, Electron, Ionic, React Native and Apache Cordova were created. There are also already package managers, text editors, PC virtual machines written in JS.

Looking forward to thoughts on this in the comments.

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