khudi and self learning

1st part #Edhi sb

life provide us a stage on which people belonging to different culture , color ,cast and religion perform their best, knowingly and unknowingly and departure to their own destiny.but ,during this journey some people become dictators for other life and some become super hero and mark the name on golden books of histories with the love for their nation and love for humanity and love for their religion as well .In fact the book of world history is full of such inspirational and great personalities .whenever there is an hour of need on humanity wherever in the world history witnessed such great phenomenal people in each and every corner of world working for humanity .No doubt the list is so so prolong but there is a person who devoted his very last own assets even after this death for the humanity for the love of people and GOD.(rest in peace).

That person is none other than Abdul Sattar Edhi.He is nothing short of a phenomenon ,world renowned social worker ,humanitarian and a legend who devoted his life for the love of mankind.He was not a super- human .He was not very rich .He was a simple ordinary man .He was not born in social working family then what made him The Abdul Sattar Edhi.

At the age of 11 ,his mother got paralyzed And little Edhi spent days and nights to nurse his mother and pay full- pledged services to his mother like bathing ,cleaning,clothing etc etc. And this is very first example of Amal from his life for me and this experience of hardship and self sacrificing proved his tutor in making him the great legend he was by doing this .

In my life there is my very first of amal example like Edhi sb that is i am the first girl in my family doing university and higher studies in co education system it was so difficult for me to have such marks and such confidence and convincing power to convince my parents to send to a big city for study because i belong to a conservative family.Day after day i realized that i have to take an action, i determined to do, it took small actions and now i’m in the university education moving step after step and chasing my dreams.

when Edhi sb started he had no resources no money no influential connections but he had determination and self power of doing something great as Ehdi is one of the best take away for me from his life that when you determine to do something or dream something sooner or later you will be reached at your destination .Don’t wait for resources ,create you own resources.

2nd part # just start

i always wanted to do css and become a csp officer and i want get to a position enough to make a change for betterment of mankind in my capacity and after realizing my keen interest, i start preparing for it but after 1 or 2 months i went through a trauma and i was so depressed and disappointed that i literally quit.i was not able to learn something and my observation power was gone .i was completely shattered and scared to start from very first point again.

but now i started again and my first amal was start reading books again 2nd was getting in touch with my fellows again and 3rd and most difficult task was getting in touch with my css teacher again after long time and this was not that difficult and i have realized that i can achieve my goal and i will do my best to achieve my goal and align it with my passion. INSHALLAH.

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