Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Stone

Amethyst is also called as Jamunia stone. Belonging to the family of Quartz, Amethyst is considered to be one easily available gemstone, even in the light of the fact that it is one of rarest forms of Quartz. In its natural form, it is colorless, which is later heat treated to bring it to the intense state of purple. The easy availability and high end benefits of Amethyst stone make it one of the most craving gemstones of all.

Hugely Beneficial Amethyst Stone

In the most prominent benefits of Amethyst stone, it is considered to be an open sesame to liberate one from the habit of drinking alcohol. Even, its name which is a Greek word defines the same, according to some beliefs. Other than the addiction of alcohol, it is also considered to help one get rid of all other possible addictions, which drive one to the wrong end of the life, such as drug usage, homesickness, etc.

Amethyst stone is considered to be an equally effective healing tool for problems related to sleeping, hearing, breathing, headache, and body pain. It is also considered to bring a state of mental balance, and a calmness and stability, which helps one to have a good and peaceful sleep. It also lowers down the impact of mental disorders and psychic attacks in its wearer. It elevates energy levels, which helps one to live life to the fullest. Also, it helps one to move ahead of the depressing times and situations. One grows as a person, and gains honesty, modesty, and integrity. One does not easily fall for seduction or other’s influence in the presence of Amethyst stone. It is an effective remedial tool for protecting one from poison and other poisonous substances.

Wholesale Amethyst Angels

Europeans used to wear it for gaining courage. It is also believed to an effective protection shield for its wearer. Greeks consider it be a deriver of fortuity, pleasure, love, and affection in one’s life. Egyptians consider that Amethyst stone doesn’t let anyone fall under apprehensive feelings or feeling of guilty. One remains safe from any sort of witchcraft and pretense. Bishop community considers it as a highly auspicious stone, and thus Catholic Bishops can be witnessed wearing it, which is why it is also called as ‘Bishop’s Stone’.

Amethyst stone is considered to be immensely effective in its impact for all those belonging to the Zodiac Sign of Pisces. It can also be given as a present to one’s partner on 4th, 6th, and 17th wedding anniversaries, as doing so ensures better computability and understanding for the coming time. Amethyst stone is also a birthstone of the month of February, and therefore, all those born in that month are recommended to wear it. Those who practice meditation can find themselves to be a lot more focused, if they choose to have Amethyst stone with them. It is believed to enhance spiritual awareness among a person.