Brent Weeks takes us on a journey of magic


I’ve been reading through The Black Prism all the way through The Burning White during this quarantine, and I have to say overall I enjoyed most of what I’ve read.

So would I recommend this series? Absolutely. There are three main reasons why I would. The first being the magic system. A very fleshed out set of rules permeate what each character can do. You know what each character is capable of, and that leads to higher tension.

The second being that Brent Weeks is very adept at writing combat, especially…

Despite having a grounded premise, the show about cooking battles leans heavily into fantasy


I’ve avoided watching Food Wars! (or Shokugeki no Soma) for years now. Something about it just did not speak to me when it first aired in 2015. I guess it’s because it was a show about chefs trying to make cooking more exciting than it actually was. I mean, a Shonen for cooking? How absurd is that concept?

But a few weeks ago, I sat down and finally watched the first season, mainly because it was conveniently on Netflix. I then watched the remaining three seasons and read the rest of the manga (the fifth season is on hiatus at…

Some episodes don’t seem like they’re from the same show


I’ve been on a Netflix show binge lately. Just a little while ago I watched The Order’s second season (my thoughts here), and to my surprise, another SFF Netflix original show came out a few weeks later. Warrior Nun revolves around a quadriplegic girl, Ava, who dies shortly before the show begins. A special power brings the girl back to life, and she begins training as a warrior for the Catholic Church. After binging this show as well, I have more than a few thoughts on it. Spoilers ahead.

The Show’s Trailer Revealed Too Much

If you’re like me and you need some help getting invested…


How the show goes back on its central theme in its third season

Being a fantasy fan such as myself, I figured I’d check out a series on Netflix titled The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. After three seasons now, my quick and concise review on it is a solid 6 out of 10. I suppose I just enjoyed the show based on the genre it was in, but it was full of questionable elements nonetheless. I’m just going to point out one of them in this article, and in my opinion, it’s their biggest, based on what the writers presented as Sabrina’s basic premise.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is first and foremost…

The love I had for this game soured over time

I am not ashamed to admit I may have played a few video games in my 24 years of living. Oh did I say a few? Sorry, I meant a lot. My teens were pretty much dominated by World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Pokémon. Some people have genre preferences, but I didn’t have one. I played multiple kinds of games.

In 2016, when Overwatch came out, Blizzard offered a new FPS game that rose out of the ashes of their failed MMO called Titan. The mix of intriguing gameplay and likable characters grabbed me easily. I have an…

The final film in the Skywalker Saga misses the mark


It’s been over half a year since the final film in the sequel trilogy released, and the more time passes the more angry it has made me. The film has made many questionable narrative choices but none more so than the climax.

It’s Dumb

Let’s just reiterate what happens at the end of the film real quick before I complain about it. Palpatine draws Rey and Ben (formerly Kylo) together so that he can use their dyad bond to absorb their power and become whole again. At that point, Palpatine no longer needed Rey to kill him for some Sith mumbo jumbo…

There are too many self-defence myths

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

The act of fighting is too often romanticized in our entertainment. After watching so many movies about ninjas or martial arts masters, one might come to believe that is how real life works. Sadly, it doesn’t. Real-life is messy and unpredictable, but there are ways to effectively keep yourself safe that actually work.

Run, Don’t Fight

The point is to survive, not to win. There is a difference between consensual fights and ones that aren’t. The former can be avoided entirely by understanding the cause of the disagreement and then working to solve the problem through deliberation.

However, self-defense usually refers to when…

What writers can learn from the best-selling author

Source: Nihonjoe at

If one had to come up with the face of high fantasy in the current era of SFF publishing, it would be hard not to think of Brandon Sanderson. A prolific wordsmith, Brandon has crafted twelve books that are all around or at least 200 thousand words long. He also has been very successful, as he’s passed 11 million physical book sales by 2018 (confirmed by one of his coworkers on Reddit). Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, and Warbreaker are some examples of what he’s written.

The most interesting aspect of Brandon as a writer is that he’s also a teacher. Working…

A shift in how I viewed my goals

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

When the quarantine started, I noticed that for some odd reason, my motivation to complete the various tasks required each day had dropped substantially. The gym may have been closed but I have a variable dumbbell set I could have used instead for working out. Sadly, they have remained unused since March. I listened to audiobooks frequently while commuting and when that also stopped, my time spent each day listening to books had also dropped. Thankfully, I managed to stay on top of writing, but it had the external motivation factor of money to thank.

What this change in my…

How a mediocre show became even worse


The second season of ‘The Order’ released last week on Netflix. I watched through the entire ten-episode run in a few days, and I have to say that I am disappointed. This isn’t new though. The first season of the show also disappointed me. Spoilers ahead.

The first season focuses on Jack Morton, a freshman at Belgrave University, who is focused on getting into the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. They are a secret society of magicians who gain riches and power from being members. Every year, ten students at the university are invited to join the Order, with…

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