It’s hard to believe many (75%+) of the people who voted for the HF were fooled.
Simon de la Rouviere

Your forgot to mention: 75% of the few people who actually voted. 3 964 516 ether to be exact voted for the hard fork. On a supply of 83 millions. That’s not even 5%.

I’m pretty sure everyone involved in this mess put together held that much ETH. Using this vote to justify consensus is a sham. Ethereum has been run like a Boiler room.

The reality is people like Stephan Tual and other had millions to lose, and they were also under legal threats (Which they should still be now with the theft of the dao’s etc).

I can’t believe the Eth market cap is standing at 900m right now. This thing is going to collapse when the people who hold this are going to realize what happened and the rest is going back in Etc.