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What is MOAC coin (MOAC)?

MOAC (for Mother Of All Chains) is a blockchain platform designed to extend and enhance the performance of transactions such as transactions, data access and information flow of services. blockchain technology.-
Blockchain is the leading technology in the current 4.0 technology

To do that, it uses MicroChains and cross-chain transactions to improve efficiency and speed, or can use smart contracts and create additional blockchains if needed by platform. The platform also allows for cross-linking of different blocks of blockchain with a stable structure. In addition, you can use MOAC to build decentralized applications.

 The MOAC is the main electronic currency in the platform, and it is an ERC20 standard because it is based on the Ethereum's blockchain, and is used for a variety of purposes such as payment of transaction fees. in the platform, used to access the decentralized applications created by MOAC.

How does MOAC work?

MOAC enhances the hierarchy in Ethereum by adding more layers (MicroChains) to the blockchain for different types of transactions based on the required computing power. Because in a blockchain network like Ethereum, there will be no difference between a smart deal and a trade-off. Each transaction will be processed globally, and this will limit the system's performance as well as TPS (transaction speed per second).

 By separating MicroChains in the MOAC network by transaction type (smart deal and balance transaction), the network will be able to operate more efficiently. Each MicroChain is specifically designed for one type of transaction on a separate consensus module.

 To accomplish this task, the development team of MOAC has designed a Smart Agreement in the form of MicroChains (SAAM) to help developers configure and develop decentralized applications for their specific needs. SAAM will create a friendly ecosystem for decentralized applications that allow developers to develop blockchains. This creates a much more healthy ecosystem, which also increases the efficiency of the system and TPS as more and more miners join the network.

History and development path of MOAC

January 2017: The project started by a team from Silicon Valley with over 4 years of Blockchain development experience.
July 2017: Completed the ICO, when calling for over $ 6 million
December 2017: Launched version of testnet.
February 2018: Launch of MOAC token and MOAC wallet
March, 1818: Launched Pangu version of the project with the main technology is MicroChains
June, 1818: Manufacture and installation of MOAC network. POW and Smart Contract Server are set up and running.
December 2015: Nuwa version of the platform is launched with many new features
Early 2019: Allows running 100+ Dapp in the platform
June 2019: Allows running 500+ Dapp in the platform

Development team of MOAC

Sha Zhou: As the project leader, Sha Zhou is a writer, venture capitalist, and visionary. Sha has consulted with China's central government on the Beijing Olympics, Taiwan trade, Global RMB and China's $ 100 billion One Belt project. Sha Zhou is the author of blockchain and large data books ("Game of Supernations", "Blockchain World", and "Blockchain and Big Data"), and is honored by China's technology experts.
 David Xiaohu Chen (CEO): David is a blockchain theorist and software architect with extensive experience. David has a deep interest in emerging technologies, has built his career in Silicon Valley for decades as a technical manager. David is also the CTO and one of the original founders of Jingtum, a blockchain solution provider and leading platform for physical asset tokens.
 Xinle Yang (CTO): Xinle spent five years researching the development of blockchain and is confident that the blockchain is still in its infancy, with potential and maturity as it will change the global economy. . During his career, Xinle was responsible for Nike's multi-million dollar online shopping system and a broad scientific and technical role at Walmart, Intel and IMTT.

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