299.3 miles

It’s been a few days since I last wrote. My body has been SO sore. I always tell myself, “hey, those children don’t get to pick and choose when they fight cancer…it’s all or nothing, every single day. So, I need to keep going.”

In the past week, I have had two flat tires, got caught in a terrible storm and gotten lost. Nevertheless, we have ridden 299.3 miles this month. I intend to ride go on a long ride one day this week (70–72 miles) and coast to 500 over the last few days of the month. Feel free to join me!

Here are a few pics of the past few rides:

Swamp Rabbit Trail-Furman University

On this day, I climbed a mountain in SC on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It’s a paved trail that was once a railroad bed and it travels from downtown Greenville up a mountain. Ironically, it’s relatively flat. It was done well and this view had me in a gaze for a while. The GoPro didn’t do the view justice.

This family of 4 crossed in front of me. I came around a curve quickly and had to slam on breaks to avoid hitting the ducklings, which could have been tragic. Being on a bike gives a unique perspective on so many things.

The weather report said that the storms would come at 4pm. As soon as I get out on my bike, it started pouring. I waited a while for the lightening to subside before getting back on my bike. I tried riding a bit longer, but it got quite unbearable and I didn’t want to ruin my phone.

Mary E. Branch Community Center

As always, thanks for your moral and financial support and your willingness to join me for rides. This has been a team effort for sure. We have exceeded the goal for The Great Cycle Challenge and I have began raising money for UVA’s Children’s Hospital. Feel free to donate here: I WANT TO FIGHT KIDS’ CANCER!