DACA Students and their Many Struggles
Alma Sanchez

Hello Alma,

Thank you for informing the public on what DACA is, and how it has been proven to be beneficial to undocumented students around the U.S . In terms of what we can do to help, has there been petitions? Perhaps, could people take it further by writing letters of complaints to the senate or other members of the legislation system? This blog post was extremely interesting, and I wonder if there is a replacement program for DACA. I was completely unaware of DACA’s existence until there were reports of it being removed as a government program. I would like to know how undocumented students are dealing with this issue, and what they plan on doing in order to maintain their life in the U.S, or if that is even possible. I hope that this probem does not go unnoticed and people make an effort to fight for the rights of these individuals.

Within this blog post, providing statistics and definite solutions would help support your claim. Moreover, stating why DACA has been eradicated from our goverment programs will help your audience understand the different fundamentals behind the controversy of DACA. Over, this was a succinct and informative read!

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