Responsive design made easy

Responsive web design is a fundamental part of the modern Web, which is why Tailor’s elements have always been built to be responsive. We’ve now taken things a step further and introduced responsive controls and settings.

What does that mean?

All default controls within Tailor now support desktop, tablet and mobile settings.

We’ve started by enhancing a subset of the controls related to layout (padding, margin, minimum height, horizontal and vertical alignments etc.), but developers can take this a step further and make use of device-specific settings using any control type. Text, images, icons.. you name it!

Controls that have associated settings for more than one screen size display buttons allowing you to toggle between those settings.

Changes in those settings are then handled like before. They can result in the element being re-rendered, or live changes can be applied using JavaScript (direct DOM modifications or custom CSS rules).

We know users will enjoy the power that these changes provide, but developers should be especially excited. This functionality, combined with the preexisting element and setting APIs, allow for pretty much anything!