Tailor Page Builder Under New Management

Tailor was launched by Andrew Worsfold in April 2016. Since then a lot of work has gone into it, resulting in many updates and new features. Currently Tailor has three extensions (all free) which each add further functionality and features. It has been acknowledged by some key players in the WordPress community and have received a lot of positive feedback overall.

Some of the feedback!

Tailor needs more time and efforts!

Until now Andrew has been doing all of the work on Tailor, but moving forward Tailor needs more time, money and a bigger team to manage it. As a result of other commitments, Andrew has not been able to maintain the rapid pace of development that he desires (and the plugin demands), which is why the team at Enclavely has taken over. They will be dedicated to delivering bug fixes and new features, ensuring that Tailor has a bright future.

Who is the new management?

Tailor has been acquired by Enclavely, inc. Enclavely is a startup founded by two experienced and skilled friends Munir Kamal and Essa Mamdani. Both were early adopters of Tailor and have been supporting Tailor since the beginning. They’ve got the necessary skills and experience needed to keep on developing and improving Tailor Page Builder. Andrew is also part of the team and will continue contributing to Tailor’s ongoing development.

What will be the future of Tailor ?

The Enclavely team is excited and have great plans to improve Tailor and take it to the next level. You can expect regular updates and new features added to Tailor based on the feedback we have been receiving from the users. We also have plans for a “pro” version, but will continue to improve the free version as a matter of priority. Tailor will remain clean, light-weight and easy to use but also highly extendible for power users that demand more control (through the use of extensions).

We need your help!

We need your help to improve Tailor! You can help us by finding bugs, supporting other users or spreading the word about Tailor. We also look forward to your suggestions regarding new features that you’d like to see in Tailor.

If you can help with anything mentioned above, please reach us via Twitter, Facebook Page, Join the new Facebook Group or you may write us at info@tailorwp.com. No big commitments needed!

We are committed to improve Tailor. Wish us luck!