Which X-Men software developer are you?

What does a team of software developers have in common with the X-Men?They both consist of a diverse set of personalities and skills combined into unique individuals. So, which X-Men software developer are you?

Let’s start with Wolverine. His style is clear: he dives into the middle of the fray and attacks until it’s over. He pulls it off, because his body can heal as fast as anyone can hurt him. As a developer, Wolverine would make a sweeping change that breaks every test in the codebase, and he’d get them all passing again, one by one, in an impressively short amount of time. If he didn’t like your code, he’d rewrite it. Pairing? That’s funny. No one could deny his ability to get shit done, but he wouldn’t play very nice with others.

Next up is Jean Grey. She has an extremely versatile ability, and she’s more powerful than she realizes, but she’s not totally confident in her skills. She’s caught in a bit of a love triangle too, but in many cases that actually unifies the team. As a developer, Jean Grey would love pair programming; it would allow her to (1) learn from others, (2) build rapport with colleagues and (3) have greater confidence in her work. She would thrive in a situation with a lot of collaboration within and across teams, but she would not do so well in a more siloed environment.

Okay, on to Cyclops. He’s the tactical leader of the team, primarily focusing on the coordination of others. His power is incredibly strong, but it can easily kill, so he tries to stay cool and act conservatively. As a developer, Cyclops would let someone else take a story if they were more interested in it, even if he could do it in half the time. He’d spend as much time code-reviewing and collaborating with product managers and designers as he would actually writing coding. He could get just about any ticket done, but he would rely on others for deeper dives.

Finally, let’s talk about Storm. She’s an all-around, solid member of the X-Men; her judgment and character are trusted by the whole team. Her power is a bit of a wildcard though: it’s not always helpful, but sometimes she’s the only one who can take the enemy down. As a developer, Storm would have a particular area of strength (front-end, backend, infrastructure, etc.), and she’d have some specific domains of interest and expertise within that (security, databases, parallel processing, etc.). She’d always be available for help, and might not implement a feature faster than someone else, but her solution would be the most robust and comprehensive.

So, which X-Men software developer are you? If it’s not one profiled above, respond with your own!