A Review of B6Zip, A Free B6Z Extractor Program

B6Zip is a free file extractor app, which works on macOS Sierra as well as Linux. B6Zip is very simple to use and is totally free for home and business use. B6Zip integrates B6Z file extraction directly into macOS through context menus and file extension association. The B6Z format also supports encryption, self-extracting archives, and checksum calculations.

I have tried multiple different file decompression apps and B6Zip is easily the best utility I have tested. B6Zip is super easy to set up and use for both extracting B6Z files and creating archives. Because B6Zip installs closely into the mac system, double clicking to extract and archive couldn’t be simpler. This is my deciding factor for choosing B6Zip as my main file decompression app, because it is so concise and at the same time very powerful.

There is no need for a standalone file manager when you are simply extracting archives which many other tools have. Why try to figure out some weird file manager when you can just use the familiar Finder window? This also speeds up the time needed when you just need to extract a b6z archive and goes with the Apple philosophy of just working.

B6Zip is highly capable software that grants full access to features that other software may want upfront payment for. This goes to show that many open source software packages are in fact often better than the proprietary software that they compete with. B6Zip makes virtue of a tiny footprint on your system, taking up only 8MB. The native B6Z format combines excellent compression ratios with optional file integrity checks as well as encryption. Additionally, B6Zip will handle every type of file archive format you throw at it, including RAR, ZIP, 7Z, and others. This makes B6Zip the top choice for file archiving.

To get started using the B6Zip program on your computer, grab the setup file off b6zip.com which is updated regularly and works fine on all versions of macOS we have tested.



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