Increase your Online Presence

As the best SEO company in NYC, it cannot be stressed enough that a making a huge impact of internet presence evolves around the mobile device. Not only is a mobile site for the technology savvy users, it has become a main source of internet surfing. With more and more people on the go having a mobile site makes things so much more user friendly for the customer. Many times customers just want to take a quick look at the website while in the office or maybe out shopping with the technology at hand this gives potential inquirers more opportunity to utilize the company website.

Utilize Google Maps

Utilizing Google maps is a great way to bring attention to a business. In the era of GPS most people want quick and easy results when locating a business. It also adds more comfort to the potential buyer that it is a legitimate company when displayed on Google maps. This method is easy and free, meaning it can be a benefit when used correctly. The easy thing about this method is that Google more than likely has the company’s information in their database, making it as simple as just claiming the business.

Add on Apple Maps

Not only is Apple Maps convenient, it is innovative in the sense that it’s a hidden gem. Not many businesses are aware of this software, however it is great for those Apple users who are trying to find a way to connect to a business. This has the same concept of Google maps with getting the company information in a database and utilizing it to find the location and other contact information. With this tool, all one would have to do is claim their company considering that it is more than likely in the database already.

Use Yelp

Another SEO tip to increase online presence is getting on Yelp, there are so many users of this website that it is one of the top ways to generate traffic. This works so well because Yelp is always the first to show up when inquiring about a company or a review. If the company has a solid record with great reviews, then there is no question they will show up first in the search. There is very little risk when signing up with Yelp, having a good business this method can only benefit a company and expand to various audiences across the board. Not to mention this is completely free when signing up for this website, all it takes is a moment of time to set it up.

Social Media Outlet

With our free SEO audit tool, we have broken down how to maximize a company’s profit with platforms such as social media. In having a business, a social media tool to better serve the community, a company must have a strategy. Having just a few social media platforms is all a company needs, many companies make the mistake of spreading themselves too thin. That method only gives each page insufficient time and attention, or it could cost money the business doesn’t have on the maintenance of so many platforms. One way to carefully analyze which account with social media to use, analyze the target audience and find the platform most appropriate with the people the company is trying to reach.

Increase Google Relevance

When most people get a business one might ask, how to appear higher on search engines such as Google? When most people use a search engine most places of business would like to know the secret. One method to appearing high on Google, use more descriptive words that may be associated with the company. Sometimes a customer doesn’t know the name of the company and they search keywords they are looking for. This is a very successful method on a count that when people go to the search engine they are describing what they want more than likely. Hashtags are a trendy way in getting more attention through Google, so many people use hashtags to describe a theme or an event that being in this trend can most definitely increase the popularity of the company.