AiBB The World’s First Crypto AI Assisted, Voice Controlled Trading App

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Few tech spaces are as filled with excitement as the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency on one hand and Artificial Intelligence on the other. In exciting news the new trading app AiBB is on the cutting edge of both.

October 31, 2017

Insiders agree, when it comes to becoming a successful cryptocurrency trader, knowledge is power. And reliable tools that can help smart decision making can be absolutely invaluable. Enter AiBB (Abe) who recently debuted on the scene, just in time to help. AiBB is the first Ai assisted trading application for cryptocurrencies, packed with features that open the door for easier, quicker and more secure trades for new and experienced traders alike. Focused on the bottom line and black and white, transparent results, AiBB opens a whole new door for the forward thinking cryptocurrency trading and investing enthusiast and professional.

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“AiBB helps educate users to make more informed investment decisions, potentially skyrocketing their cryptocurrency trading IQ’s helping male them smarter and more profitable traders,” commented a spokesperson from the firm. “Don’t make a mistake, this is a game changer in all of the best ways, that a trader doesn’t want to miss out on. Don’t be late to the party.”

AiBB is being developed by Silicon Valley-based SKAEL Inc, in an exclusive license agreement. SKAEL Inc. are well known industry wide for their work in both Ai and in their commitment to helping develop the strengths of the blockchain, two elements that are all over the AiBB project and deliver it, many of its most clearly identifiable strengths.

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The new app is expected to have a great appeal to traditional investors who are becoming increasingly attracted to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but would like the support from a powerful Ai assistance, like AiBB’s delivers. It’s ease of use is clear and incorporates both trading and managing cryptocurrency, smart contacts and increased intelligence in a single point app. Other highlights include portfolio and trading insights, a clear and distinct Ai chat and voice, Ai security and much much more. The Ai platform is built on NLU, NLP and ML proprietary patent pending algorithms that can be counted on to work when and where it’s needed glitch free.

AiBB anticipates the app will be updated often to respond to both user experiences, requests and industry developments. Android, iOS, Windows and Mac versions of AiBB will be available soon.

While a few other contenders have also recently raised their heads, right now all signs are pointing toward AiBB to be the “must have” Ai cryptocurrency trading tool, that may just be on its way to becoming an industry standard.

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