Expression In Wood; Custom Cabinets With Functionality

As an integrated design and manufacturing company, Expression In Wood offers some of the best designs, that are aesthetically pleasing to any space. As custom cabinet maker California specialists in the development, production, installation and servicing of high end custom cabinetry, Expression In Wood is able to give clients what they want in design when it comes to fine cabinetry and millworks. The idea of picking cabinets can be daunting especially try to make the overall design and look fit into a space cohesively, while enhancing the space. With trends and fashionality in cabinetry, Expression In Wood is able to provide high quality cabinetry to customers that is classic, customizable and functionable within the space for the cabinets.

With excellent customer service and a dedicated project manager + designer, customer are sure to get top quality service overall. Expression In Wood listens to what the customer wants and brings their vision to life, by the work that is done through customizing the wood for cabinetry. Never going against what the customer wants, Expression In Wood can offer recommendations for customers who may not be sure about what they want or what fits into their space. Expression In Wood understands that not everyone is design savvy and that’s where they stand in to help you overcome that obstacle. Years of experience in the industry gives them the knowledge of what’s current, what looks best in a space and ultimately what will make the space functionable.

Through custom works, there are many options for how the cabinets can be designed and constructed, with various finishes to the wood to fit into the overall color scheme of a spaces. Expression In Woods cabinet finishes uses various old world hand rubbing techniques, so pride is really taken into account with wood millworks. Some of the techniques that can be applied to the are not limited, but will include grain filling, shading, distressing, glazing, speckling and wire brushing. With finishing techniques the most durables coating products are used to secure the finishes. Expression In Wood can offer many customizations of wood working.

Expression In Wood does wood millwork for customized kitchens, bathroom custom cabinets, entertainment centers, closets, libraries and bars and also, wood detailing. To ensure that customers are always given a high level of quality, customer are given experienced designers and project managers, which project managers oversee the project until the end and designers are is there to help maintain consistent and clear communication. Getting custom cabinetry and wood millwork shouldn’t be stressful, so designers and project managers are there to yield the most clear and understanding of a project, clear communication, in regards to a project, aid with the design and update the customer on the project.

Using the services of Expression In Wood, will guarantee some of the best quality of cabinetry and wood millwork and services available. For four decades Expression In Wood has been delivering on their mission of providing the highest quality and best products to customers. Expression In Wood has also proven that they are capable of handling the most complicated jobs in cabinetry and woodmill working, as their experiences affords them to.

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