ShedWool: The New Scheduling Software Everyone’s Talking About

If you are the manager of a company or own a business, you might find that one of the most time consuming things you do each week is to try to figure out the schedule of your staff and their availability. Thanks to a new website shedWool , many companies are finding that scheduling their shift workers doesn’t have to be that difficult or time consuming. Here is all the exciting information about it and how it just might be able to help you with your scheduling needs without you having to pay a lot of money for it.

How This Software Works

ShedWool is a staff scheduling software that uses the Cloud. It can create schedules for as little as a handful of employees to thousands of them. Managers can not only create work schedules, but manage their employee’s availability and interact with them through intuitive messaging as well. While there are other programs out there that are similar, none of them measure up to ShedWool.

The Benefits Of Using It

In order for managers to want to use a new scheduling program, they have to see the benefits of doing so. Fortunately, both employees and managers will love it for a variety of reasons. There many benefits to using this exciting new scheduling system that include:

-It saves time. Managers don’t have to deal with trying to find a time to talk to every employee each week to see when they are available. Because they can interact with employees through messaging, they will always know when an employee can work and when they can’t. Managers can know who is qualified and available within the hours that they need to find someone to work. There’s no guessing when someone is available or having to call each employee to find out if they can work at a specific time.

-It reduces stress. Trying to make a schedule every week can be stressful. This unique scheduling tool reduces that stress. Not only do you not have to track down employees to find out their availability, but you can have access to it anytime from your device.

-It helps your employees stay connected to you. One of the biggest complaints that employees have is that they don’t always know when their managers need them to work. With ShedWool, they will always know when managers create or update their schedules. There’s no guessing about when they need to work and when they have off. Another benefit to employees is that they can request shift changes. They don’t have to go hunt down their boss when they need time off or to change the hours that they can work.

  • It saves money. One of the best things about ShedWool is that it’s free to use. While there are a lot of similar products that exist, this is the only online staff scheduling solution that is a free and a fully featured version. How it works is that ads are displayed and as more users use ShedWool and relevant data is collected, the easier it will be to tailor ads to each company that can help users make more money at work and maximize their time off. The ads are similar to those on Facebook. If users don’t want to deal with ads, they can choose to pay a small fee to get rid of these ads. However, many people do find the ads useful.

About The Company

There are around 300 businesses that have signed up for ShedWool so far. They currently represent 5 countries, but this list is growing rapidly. ShedWool is currently in Facebook’s fbstart and is participating in the Telluride Venture Accelerator program to grow the company and raise its capital.

As you can see, ShedWool is a unique program that both managers and employees will love. Not only is it free, but it’s very convenient. It can help employees and managers know when the employee is supposed to work and it will help the employee always feel connected. There is no guessing as to when a qualified employee is able to work. If you are looking for a new scheduling program that you can access online, give ShedWool a try today. You will be glad you did!