So simply put, you are a troll. A coward one at that.
Ed Dunn

Firstly Ed I am not a troll I am just saying something which either you don’t like or you don’t understand. I am part Indian, Irish, French, Hungarian, with Jewish and Muslim Grandparents, growing up in the diversity of London. I know people whose family were killed by nazis, I’ve seen my friends thrown into bully vans and beaten up by cops for the colour of their skin and lived on 3 continents with wildly different understanding od race issues. Fighting bigotry has been one of the biggest motivations in my life whether thats racial, sexual orientation, religion or gender. It’s the reason I make films. Cleary this has gotten too personal, we have both said things and over-reacted!!

So let me explain my point. The idea of Race, that there are different races (rather than just the human race), was a concept created to put one group of people above another. This is not my opinion, this is a historical fact. I am not an all lives matter person, because logically that would mean that all people are treated equally and that is not the case in the world we live in. Its important to acknowledge that there is a large amount of institutional discrimination against anyone with a bit of colour in their skin, whether that is a Latino, a muslim or a black person. Given that, I would like to understand what your issue is with what I said?