My First Time

This year I “enjoyed” my second winter. Unlike many who live here to me is still new. To put this in context: I come from a city where 80% of the year we only have a gray sky, which we call: belly donkey. Our summer or winter, all are nothing compared to what I experienced here.

I’ve been in cold temperatures, but nothing compared to 0 ° F, I discovered it thanks to my nemesis: Wind Chill. It was when a tire burst and as a brand new husband I decided to get out of the car and go to change the tire, but nope; my latin body is not for those freezing temperatures.

When the snow and I met for the first time, it was exciting, I’ve just seen it on TV or photos. To see it snowing is awesome, to go play in the snow is unique (although I learned you might need gloves because something cold like snow, you can burn, it’s surreal).

Many say that after a while I will get bored, I think THAT is the danger of growing up, getting bored of simple and marvelous stuff.

At 32 I re-discovered the joy, the fascinating feeling of: The First Time. Discover that you can eat snow cones from what falls in your garden, or which is the technique for making a snowman, or the different types of snow, I felt like a kid again and it was Amazing.

Our lazy brains takes our lives to places where we save energy -just wanting to survive- and keeps us from trying new things, because it is easy and “safe”. Also happens that some we are used to many things and when we see someone that enjoys it for the first time, we think: Bah, novice, will learn. Please, do not do that.

Swing it baby! I could not have better partner in life and in swing that the fabulous @skangelita

I’ve decided I do not want to stop being a child, I want to have that eternal question in mind, I want to discover and explore, I have many firsts times. Last week was my first time to code an HTML Responsive, yesterday was my first time in a musical play and last night was my first time to move at the rhythm of Swing and step, step, rockstep in a Ballroom from 1920.

And you? What will be your next first time?