Wtf, my Twitter account disappeared

I woke up today morning and found out that my Twitter account has disappeared. Yes it’s vanished, gone away, lost, hacked, whatever you wanna call it, it doesn’t exist!

Immediately, I’ve sent a request to Twitter Support and checked that my email account does not have any recent Twitter password resets, nor logins from unrecognized places. I still did not get an answer from Twitter.

I also found this recent HackerNews discussion about other accounts disappearing. This is so crazy! It looks like they are accessible from some parts of the world only, like from Canada my account is visible, whereas, from Spain (where I live) it’s not. I am also not able to use it from any 3rd party services, such as Buffer, so it’s probably something with my account and not CDN.

I really hope to get Twitter’s reply soon and I will keep this post updated. In the meanwhile, please tweet about this issue, maybe Twitter could then do something about it! Thanks 🤗

Twitter accounts are disappearing, help to find out why (click to tweet)

Update 1: My friend recommended me TunnelBear (VPN tunnel, awesome service by the way) to try accessing my account from Canada. It worked and I’ve reset my password (just in case). After some time, my account reappeared, though, still no response from Twitter on why it happened :( I am also getting mentions that a bunch of other people had/having the same issue, what’s up with it, Twitter?!

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