Andela Boot-Camp — Home Session Day 2

Today the 15th day of february marked the end of our first week home session in Andela bootcamp to the glory of God. I must admit this has proven to be very challenging for me as I have to learn new software skills day by day.

At the initial stage of the bootcamp we wrote codes majorly on functions, then I was able to test my Lab codes easily using Jasmine, but today I had to work on an array class and figuring out how to run the Lab codes became an issue for me but with the help of the materials sent here and there by fellow bootcampers and consultation with some of the bootcampers I was able to get out of my mystery.

Putting every experience got together so far, I must say the challenges are really worth it if one is actually determined to be a world class programmer, and really Andela is a place of awesomeness.