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Practical Azure Container Apps with Dapr

Azure Container Apps Architecture for building Microservices using dapr
Sample Application Architecture Diagram
  • An overview of Azure Container Apps Components and Dapr and their core features and capabilities (continue reading…)
  • Getting started with Azure Container Apps, build and push container image to Azure Container Registry, then deploy your first Backend API microservice (continue reading…)
  • Communication between two microservices (without Dapr) and different options for ingress configurations (continue reading…)
  • Introducing Dapr into the application and how it will help simplify complex microservices scenarios such as service discovery, service-to-service invocation, and calling services asynchronously (continue reading…)
  • Enable local debugging for multiple microservices applications within VS Code and configure Dapr locally (continue reading…)
  • Using Dapr State Management Building Block to store application data into Azure Cosmos DB with simple configurations and without adding CosmosDB SDK to the application (continue reading…)
  • Using Dapr Pub/Sub Building Block to enable Async communication between microservices while using Azure Service Bus as a service broker, and see how Dapr will simplify the process on the producer and consumer too (continue reading…)
  • Handling external events from different systems and showing the connectivity and interoperability capabilities when introducing Dapr Bindings (continue reading…)
  • Introducing Cron binding to trigger application code periodically based on a configurable interval and store processing results Azure Blob Storage using Dapr State Management API (continue reading…)
  • Configure Monitoring and Observability for all applications in the Azure Container App Environment and implement distributed tracing between services and resources using Application Insights (continue reading…)
  • Use GitHub actions to continuously build, push images to ACR and deploy new Azure Container Apps revisions with code changes (continue reading…)
  • Creating the IaC scripts to recreate the entire ACA environment with the supporting resources (Azure Service Bus, Cosmos DB, Azure storage, etc…) using Bicep (continue reading…)
  • Configuring Autoscaling for Azure Container Apps using KEDA based on Azure Service Bus Queue length (continue reading…)
  • Integrating Health probes in Azure Container Apps (TBA)



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Taiseer Joudeh

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