in the bright lights i see fame

in a still moment a fire

and blonde girls running towards any ocean

rapidly shifting

careless intervals of conservative love

pulverizing lust

and self inflicted prophecies

waiting for summer

in may we chop wood

and you call my name

its foggy

the overcast is spinning

and the hills stop rolling

you know my compulsions

shelter my ego

tetra pak my ambitions

you cry and i feel empty

i wonder if i need shoes

to walk this plank

and checkpoints next to suppressed obsessions

luggage collection

i couldnt bring everything

you fall asleep in tricolor

and three bright lights dance around you

smoking and carefully letting go

dark thoughts cloud my path

and the lights are behind me

i have no companions

and no star to guide

a pin ball game between galaxies

you call me and i answer with dissonance

disturbing my god complex

eradicating empathy

hiding through sorrow

dad wont come home

do the fireworks blind you

does the smoke upset you

does the police understand our humanity

uncertainties snowfall in the distance

you give me a two out of five

remnants of thought

circling around




breadsticks in an open poppy field

covered in black

welcome home