Turning email addresses into meaningful data

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A user’s digital footprint can reveal a lot about them. Their IP address might provide the location of their nearest internet exchange, while an SSO provider like Google could reveal their full name and so much more. But even a simple email address can help us get to know our users a little more.

One outlandishly expensive way of deriving information from an email address is by the use of an identity resolution services. They maintain enormous databases of user identities and charge handsomely for the privilege. …

Autobot in action: taking results in saved searches and notifying me in Slack.

Sending carsales.com.au alerts straight to Slack with a little Zapier magic.

In explaining why I feel so strongly about ad blockers, notification spam and content marketing, I wrote a rather lengthy diatribe about what it feels like to be both an end user and front end developer in the industry. It didn’t feel right to leave this in, as it implies I was talking specifically about carsales.com.au. They are instead merely yet another notification and email in my inbox I want to automate away for good.

Put simply:

  • I want to know when something happens
  • You want to up sell me
  • Your advertisers want to influence me

There are two types of notifications in this world: those that you originally wanted to see, and those that a product owner wants you to see. …

I caught someone with it

Canceled driver caught in action.

A few weeks ago, I published what I thought at the time was a fairly innocuous article: How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code.

I’ll admit — it was a rather click-bait claim. I was essentially saying that I’d reproduced the same license plate scanning and validating technology that the police in Victoria, Australia had just paid $86 million for.

Since then, the reactions have been overwhelming. My article received over 100,000 hits in the first day, and at last glance sits somewhere around 450,000. …


Tait Brown

I'm a UX designer/developer. I make stuff and tweet about shit user experiences. Works at A Cloud Guru.

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