Compassion & Empathy: Put yourself in their shoes

This little piece is just an expression of my thoughts on how we can live better together in harmony.

Compassion is rare in today’s world. The “gimme gimme”attitude is prime. What’s in it for me/Dog-eat-Dog rule transcends all sector. We are quick to step on toes to get to the top. You snooze you loose; your lose my gain.

The aforementioned is so rampant that if you show compassion you are deemed too soft and timid. However, there is always two sides on a coin. There is a ripple effect to every action we take. The nemesis or consequence may not directly affect the doer; but definitely what goes around definitely comes around too. Some call it karma; some say it’s sowing-reaping effect.

My take is show compassion; empathize with others. Put yourself in their shoes. Everybody has baggage they carry. I can’t always be right all the time. Even if I’m Mr. Perfect I should not run my super-feature on the next person

In summation, even if you show compassion and empathy there will always be people that take you for granted. Some with take advantage of your good nature. The sad truth is very few will appreciate.

At the end of the day some times I wonder : why bother ?

For me I guess I’ll make the decision on a case by case basis.