1° Meetup in Abuja: The Success Story

What a Day…

Several weeks before the final day of the meetup, there was this fear as to how the meetup was going to look like but lo and behold, it was AWESOME.

The Meetup was earlier scheduled for 7th of October but had to be changed to the 14th due to lack of venue to make use of. Even after postponing it to the 14th, it was really difficult securing a final venue but at the end, we were able to get one. Paid though.

After creating the event on meetup.com and pushing out the publicity, about 15 people showed interest in the meetup and this fear came back. I was thinking of how only 15 people would attend the meetup because I wanted something better. I made some graphical designs to share on social media so as to help boost publicity a little and Yes it worked out well.

The D-day finally surfaced. The scheduled time for the meetup was 10am. I got there at about 9am just so I could get everything ready. At about 10:20am, not a single soul was present and I began to worry as to what was happening. At about 10:35am, 6 people got in and the session started.

Brief introduction from everyone was done so we could get to know one another and after we were done with that, the session commenced.

First, I talked on e-commerce on a general scale, then went into PrestaShop itself. Topics discussed were:

Introduction to PrestaShop

Why PrestaShop?

Advantages of Using PrestaShop

Tips to running a successful online store

The business side of being a PrestaShop user

Setting up an online store with PrestShop ( Live Demo)

At about 1:40pm when I was about rounding off the meetup, I looked at the audience and I observed they were nearing 40 and I was highly impressed with that.

Several questions were asked and to my greatest surprise, one of the members responded to the question beautifully before I added a few things.

Light refreshment was served alongside distribution of the swags that was sent by my wonderful Manon.

The meeting came to a close at about 1:45pm and pictures were taken.

The community was indeed grateful and they were ready for more.

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