Udacity — My second home.. Courtesy ALC


Couple of years ago, I had this knack for doing something or learning something totally not in my line of work but I was always too slow to act or never getting to do anything at all about it. I was always thinking there was no need for that and sometimes I meet with people and they give me reasons to push myself and some others, well….

How I was able to conquer that still remains a mystery to me but I am glad and ever grateful that I did.

Android development. Who could have thought I would consider going into such when I was only focused on my web development career. When the offer was made public on social media, I felt something in me pushing me to take a shot and later feeling “No am not sure I can do this”, but I never figured out how easy this was going to end..

Right from the very first lesson was when I discovered that YES, I could do this.

Katherine Kunal.. You are nothing but a blessing to me.. I cannot thank you enough for how easy you explained everything you talked about. They all just came in so easy that I began to wonder praying for you to come to Nigeria and be an instructor because I knew how people would so love you mode of teaching. A thousand thanks is not enough. All I can say is THANK YOU. I also want to thank all other instructors. You guys ROCK!!!

This would not have been possible at all without the great people of some esteemed organizations such as Andela (Andela Nigeria), Google (Google Developers)and Udacity (Udacity)… You guys are doing so great and I really appreciate the privilege you dished out for hundreds of people with me inclusive. A million thanks would not definitely be enough for what you have made me become. Udacity has become my second home.


Thank to all my learning partners, my facilitators, program managers etc. I Love you all and I would forever remain grateful…

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