Everything my Grandmother Does

Grandma’s hugs and ways are made of love!

Grandma’s touch was free giving, caregiving is something we will miss about Grandma. Everything Grandma does was specially made with love.

As kids, Grandma will take the time to add extra touch that says “I love you very much”. As adults grandma’s touch is always present to pull us together when we face the ups and downs of life. Grandma fixes every hurt with a kiss and courageous words.

Grandma will tell us good bed time stories while growing up with her, that was my grandmother’s style. Her stories were always fascinating, and it was warm and cozy to fall asleep in her arms, while we listen to them. Grandma whisper to us with love when we misbehave. Grandma will tell us the secrets of life and expect that will make use of them, when we are faced with challenges.

Grandma’s specialty was to make everyone happy. Grandma will watch movies with us, go places with us and dress young just to see us happy, even though she was old. Grandma will make food for us and yet not taste out of it. Even when we were not pleased, she will try her best to make us satisfied. I remember ‘’beans savored with Garri’’ was grandma’s favorite food.

Grandma was a cheerful giver, even when she had so little. Grandma will give us the little money she saved up for us to buy “bread” during those hot afternoons on holidays. Coming home for holidays was fascinating because it is always great when Grandma is around.

As we say our prayers each night, our wish is that God will bless and hold grandma tight, because we will no longer be there to give her our hugs and kisses. Every precious Moments with her is always treasured, because when it comes to giving hugs grandmother’s arms are filled with Love. We did not get to say goodbye, but we know one thing for sure, that we will see her again till we meet to part no more.

Grand Daughter: Taiwo Bamikole

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