Fleet Management remains one of the most difficult activities for any organisation. As you may or may not know, fleet management generally involves vehicle financing, maintenance, diagnostics, driver management,behaviour analysis, fuel management the list goes on and on.

These activities can be never-ending for a company that relies heavily on mobility, removing or minimising the risks associated with vehicle management reducing overall costs whilst being compliant with government legislation will always remain a dilemma.

Europcar Business Fleet Services has been investigating the area of fleet management and have been able to narrow down reasons to why companies are avoiding the self management and financing of large fleets and why they would rather settle for another solution instead:

Security of fleet

Aside from purchasing the fleet, companies need to find a suitable and secure location, these vehicles are a huge capital investments and securing them can also be a huge concern for businesses instead they opt for Grey Fleet which allows them to take away the risk of securing the vehicles not only this they also have to ensure that there are no unauthorised vehicle use. With this option, companies know each employee is responsible for the safety of vehicle they own.

Too much capital

Having a large fleet is liable to tie down company’s’ capital, this will hinder growth in order divisions,unless they have a large budget. Even at that, it would still require a lot of upfront capital. For this option, companies have been known to opt for a leasing solution which usually ties them to long term contract of between 3–5 years.

The problem with this option is that it does not offer flexibility when it comes to either returning the vehicles early or swapping for another car type if the business requirement changes. Businesses that cancel their lease agreement early will generally have a big fine for breaking the contract according to the terms of agreement.

Time Constraint and Lack of car industry knowledge

Trying to secure the best vehicles out there can be tough going. Striking the right deal can be painstaking — even after finding the right supplier, agreeing on the right price is another matter.


Companies don’t have time to make good decisions around fleet risk purchasing the wrong fleet, or paying too much for the fleet. And without the right experience, there are bound to be numerous mistakes to be mak Europcar Business Fleet Services have the expertise in this area to guide companies to the best solution.

Technology Advancement

Let’s face it, unless you are working with a fleet company that can provide you with an effective and customised telematics product, you must purchase an off the shelf solution. With a customised telematics solution, the reports you need can be created, and delivered when you want them in the format you want them.

The ability to view your fleet placement and activity in real time is a valuable tool for driving efficiencies. Real time decisions can be made to reflect the changing requirements of your business during the day. In addition, driver behaviour can be monitored to reduce risk.

Company branding

Europcar Business Fleet not only offer cars and vans, but they can be delivered with your branding ready to hit the road.

There are two key benefits to this, firstly tracking down moving vehicles to apply branding is not a straightforward task, and secondly your brand is getting the benefit of exposure on the road immediately.

Vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics are a proven means of strengthening business identity and giving the business a distinctive image.

In conclusion

Europcar Business Fleet Services can save you time, ensure you get the correct fleet, give you access to telematics that can be reported on and customised to your requirements and deliver your vehicles branded and ready to go.

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