What to wish for when you know it will come true?

Today I have a very sharp question to answer. I need to make a wish that will for sure come true! It’s funny how easy it is to make wishes when you can have many… but when you need to specify what do you really want in life it’s so much more complicated. And what makes it even more completed is to know that it will most certainly come true — that’s when you really want to think about it and be sure that it’s the right one.

But is this really a solution? To think about it? I highly doubt. There is nothing your brain can tell you about your wishes. Don’t get stuck into overthinking. Don’t try to listen to your crazy mind. There is nothing useful there. Those are your ego wishes. And when I refer to “ego” in this post, I refer to false self that you’ve created in your mind. Ego doesn’t mean being egocentric but moreover believing in whatever your mind tells you that you are. Let’s make things clear — you are not your mind, but you can be (and most possible are) controlled by your mind. When your ego is controlling your life, you are living some kind of rat race with your wishes. Ego has never enough. So you keep on setting wishes, goals, dreams… and what happens when you achieve something? Euphoria for a day and then you drop back to the feeling that something is missing. Most of the people are captured into this kind of races their whole life. They keep on waiting for something to occur so that they can become happy, to become fullfilled.

Everyone everywhere lived a confused, bitter search. Reality never matched their dreams. Happiness was just around a corner — a corner they never turned. And the source of it all was the human mind. — Dan Millman

Something I’ve learnt from my smarty best friend last summer is that euphoria leads to aggression — and if there is no euphoria coming again, there comes depression. I can divide my life to “life prior Canada” and “after my great enlightenment in Canada”. Now I feel that my whole ex-life was about euphoria. Waiting for something euphoric, feel it for a day or two and then wait for something new. I’m sorry, we call this living?? I’ve got things so wrong. I let my mind rule my life — damn how badly it influenced every single thing in my life in very negative way.

There is no God to disappoint you. In your very planing you are sowing seeds of disappointment. In your very worrying about the future, you are wasting present. It slowly becomes your habit to worry about the future. So when the future comes it will come as present, and because of your habit of worrying about the future, you’ll waste that moment also for worrying. You’ll go on worrying whole life about the future, it stops only when death comes and takes away all possibilities of future for you. You missed your whole life. You could have lived, but you’ve only planned. Live as intensively and totally now, because the next moment will be born out of this moment. And if you’ve lived it totally and joyfully, you can be absolutely certain that the next moment will bring more blessings, more joy. — Osho

Soooo.. what have changed? I’ve realised I’m the only one who is responsible for every single thing in my life. I’ve finally got it that we all have our own journey — and no matter if we might walk some of the path together, we have different journeys. We are all responsible only for ourselves. I also realised that happiness is a choice and that I should choose it every single day! Happiness is not something in the future, it’s here, it’s in this single moment. Therefore I started taking moments “serious”, this moment is everything we have. But how to make this moment special, happy, joyful? Maybe the best way to start is with self love. This made the hugest change in my life. Realising that you yourself are your own best friend and the best lover — yes, I tell myself “I love you” every single day, three times! I hug myself and tell myself how grateful I’m for having me always by my side. No matter how crazy it sounds, it fills my heart with love and makes my smile. ❤ When you offer yourself unconditional love, you become love. Your energy changes, people around you change. And you no longer allow anything that doesn’t serve you to be in your life. You offer yourself nothing but the best. That’s when magic happens. :)

Back to my wish… How to know what I want? I’ll get the answer through meditation. When I meditate, my ego is off. That’s when my heart and spirit can speak and I can listen to my gut. That’s when I know exactly what my heart is craving for. I learnt to trust the process, trust that life offers me whatever I need in particular moment. There is no need to hurry. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ❤

One more thing… Is there anything good about the ego? Yes, I believe it is. If I’m happy, peaceful and fulfilled in this moment, it might easily happens that that’s all I need. Well.. here comes the ego that makes you want to accomplish more. It drives you. But the greatest thing you have to realise is that you need to start fulfilled and happy in order to be satisfied after you achieve your dreams. Don’t rely only on ego. It’s so greedy that it will never be satisfied. You’ll race in circles and you’ll never get to the point of happiness. Don’t do this to yourself. Euphoria — aggression — depression. No wonder why so many people end up with depression. They were searching something from outside that has always been inside — you just have to look deeper. I promise you, it’s there and it’ll make your heart dance around ❤

P.S.: Since I know someone will pop up this question. How do I know my wish will come true? I have never been more certain about anything and I’m getting a super powerful help from someone very special to me. I feel it coming with my whole body, something no words can explain :)

Choose happiness my dear, every single day!! ❤

With love from Toronto,

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Originally published at ordinarycookie.com on March 3, 2016.

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