Having Second Thoughts About Your Career Choice?

I was happily chugging along in my career in Asset Management, staying loyal to one company, working the hours necessary to get the job done, and slowly moving up the ranks. Still, after a few years of this I started wondering whether I had made the right choice, turns out Finance isn’t as fulfilling as you’d think! Only problem was I had no idea what I wanted do. I had it narrowed down to something I enjoy, something with variety, something FUN. Vague huh?!

So I carried on working for the same company, day in day out, unsure about what my next move should be. I’m quite cautious you see, and I’d worked so hard in my career, I didn’t want to just give it all up.

Then one day I fell pregnant, and truthfully I was almost as excited about my year of maternity leave as I was about having a baby! My whole world would be changing, and also, I got a year off!

Because of my maternity leave I was able to take some time to try and figure out what I wanted to do and really think about the kind of lifestyle I wanted to lead. I wanted it to be the kind of lifestyle that would allow me to achieve some degree of work life balance.

What resulted was extensive research on potential courses I could do and who I could do them with. Turns out there are many credible institutions out there. I was spoilt for choice!

I stumbled upon a brilliant course with Udacity, a Digital Marketing course, not a subject I had previously considered but the programme and its content looked really interesting, FUN in fact. And, crucially, I could study at my own pace, and not only that, practical learning was at the centre of the curriculum structure. I would have a portfolio of work to showcase! Yey!

Now I feel I have options, maybe freelance as a side hustle? Maybe do another course, I think maybe I’m addicted to courses now…