We Will Not Go Back

Nov 9th 2016, 7:05 am

The cancer is one

we are many

we will not go back

The invitation has arrived

to step into our courage

and our full humanity

From this day forward

the harm can only unfold

and multiply and spread

With our silence

with our consent

with our participation

We will not be silent

we do not consent and

we will not participate

in legitimating violence, lies, and division

We will not accept or legitimate

power claimed through fear, violence, and hatred

we will claim and assert the only true power

The love that we are

the love that connects us all

the love that bends history

even in this dark moment

towards liberation

The time has come to live love

without fear and hesitation

no matter the price

We will show up

we will lay our bodies down

to protect and defend all of us

against this cancerous flood of fear and violence

We will not sacrifice our humanity

to become the cancer

that is devouring us all from the inside out

We will not sacrifice our humanity

to appease our fear

We will not sacrifice our humanity

to protect the few

at the expense of all

We are one

we are many and

we are one

All of us

Will defend and protect

Each of Us

We will sacrifice

no person

no community

no sacred place

to appease your fear and

lust for power and control

The system

on this day

has simply revealed

the rot of violence, fear, and domination

that is at the core

We are freed

of the illusion of legitimacy

freed to live into our shared humanity

freed to practice a deep and true democracy

that respects the sacred

that honors all living things

and the webs that connect us

A death cult rises

out of false Hope and

failed pragmatism

that itself was

born from fragmentation

and self-righteousness

Incomplete revolutions

generate their opposite

It is time

dear friends

the revolution of love

must be completed

And it is only possible

if on this day

we commit our lives

to walking the hard road

because there is now only one way forward

To insist that we will not wait

we will not participate

we will grind the machines of violence to a halt

so that healing and reconciliation become possible

Love or death.

I choose love.








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