Pillars of {Taj Pharma | Priyanka Singh Taj Pharma & Abhishek Taj Pharma}

Pillars of {Taj Pharma | Priyanka Singh Taj Pharma & Abhishek Taj Pharma}

Priyanka Singh (director of Taj Pharma Company)

Priyanka Singh is the director of Taj Pharma Company, India. She is working in the healthcare provider company for creating a healthier world. Ms. priyanka singh taj pharma has played a major role in the journey of the Taj Pharma prior to becoming Taj Pharmaceutical group.

She contributed a lot to the company’s strategy and philosophy for Africa and the MENA region. She is associated with Smile foundation, UNRWA, UNICEF, and Nepal relief projects so that she keeps contributing medical assistance and other aids for the people.

Abhishek Singh (CEO of Taj Pharma Company)

Mr. abhishek taj pharma is the CEO of this healthcare provider company, which is committed to earning the trust of patients, doctors, and customers daily. The taj pharma has been developing a new kind of healthcare company in the last ten years.

The company throughout the India desire to develop a long-term relationship with the stakeholders based on the mutual confidence. His main perspective is to help people across the globe live better and lives longer.

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