Zeroth Update: Z02 debut

  • is announcing its POC with Fidelity yesterday
  • DT42 has built the first end-to-end service for customers to use a cloud service to design and build edge applications with AI
  • is working with, to help power faster and easier interviews
  • Mateverse have partnered with IFTTT, the first time IFTTT has opened up to a AI platform
  • now has a reach of over 6000 farmers in Vietnam, which represents over $8m in paddy rice sales
  • Accosys — build AI techs to help enterprises with their customer services
  • Automorph — creates artificial general intelligence that automates software development and business processes to empower anyone to do previously unimagined things
  • Dishq — combines food science with machine learning models to provide personalisation technology for the online food industry.
  • Emotics — uses webcam data and machine learning to provide objective, data-driven insight into employee engagement with compliance eLearning.
  • Etymo — is a search engine for AI research and development.
  • FamFit — is helping families get healthier through A.I. powered multiplayer mobile games that get you exercising!
  • Foxsy — is a matchmaker for new friends to chat with based on topics and interests
  • H20 — personalisation engine for virtual characters
  • Laboratik — is developing a smart productivity bot “A;” which helps company to overcome organizational problems by analyzing and visualizing team’s engagement in real-time with NLP
  • Marax — using machine learning to solve ecommerce churn
  • Pingpad is a helpful Slack bot and fully-featured collaboration web app that helps your team organize your Slack, leverage knowledge and move forward faster.
  • Scry — is a platform to train super forecasters, changing the way we make decisions on the future
  • SmartPeep — a computer vision engine and a notification system



Tak Lo. Investor of the future.

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