How Seaweed Makes a Garden Grow

Liquid seaweed made from variations of brown kelp has been used to make lawn feed for forty years. A small company in Australia began harvesting and manufacturing products from storm cast Bull kelp. The results are amazing for lawns and gardens. Since then, commercial and export products were added to the brands and lines of products.

Benefits with Zero Chemicals

The organic feed, along with fish-based environmentally friendly lawn fertiliser, protects plants from dry, hot conditions, disease, and pest attacks. This is ideal with weather patterns becoming more unpredictable every year. Yields are higher because the seaweed stimulates root growth and boosts the nutrient absorption of anything that grows. The products are safe for all manner of plants, trees, grasses, bushes, and vegetables. If it can be planted, it can be treated with soil conditioners, healthy treatments, and water-saving products.

Harvesting Seaweed

In addition to the storm cast Bull kelp, Knotted kelp is sustain-ably harvested by cutting off the tops and leaving the rest of the plant. This ensures the fish will still have safe habitat, the plants will slow waves as they approach the shore, and impurities will still be filtered through the leaves. Cutting the top has the same effect as pruning a tree or shrub in that the process encourages rapid re-growth. Other product details, along with safety data sheets (SDS), are available on the website.

One frequently asked questions that is addressed online as well, regards the salt content of the products and how that effects certain plants like rhododendrons. The fact is that the seaweed does not absorb salt from the ocean water, so there is very little salt in any of the products. . Check out the products, instructions for use, and where they are available while on the site.

More Details

The original liquid plant treatment, which has the same name as the company, remains the signature products and central brand for the home and garden products. Seasol details and products have to include planting gel, foliar spray, a soil conditioner, a product specifically for the lawn, and an advanced product for extreme growing and weather conditions

The commercial lines are sold under the brand names SeasolCommercial and EarthCare. Farmers, orchard owners, flower growers, and large commercial farms report higher yields and healthier plants. All products are certified organic. In a world where genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are depleting produce of nutrients and chemicals are killing the bees, an organic alternative is much needed.