About 2 weeks ago I released DesignBox(Beta).

I have been using DesignBox since it was released. I think I am an enthusiastic user because I made it for my daily design work. While I’m using I found some downsides of DesignBox.

One day, I was so hurrying to attend the meeting with my client. But I had to finish some client tasks. Reluctantly I left my room. Then I took a train.

On the train, I tried to continue the client task. But it was not so easy. Usually, I work on iMac in my room. It is the main Mac. Whenever I go out I bring MacbookPro to deal with the client request. …

Why should I made DesignBox for the freelance designer like me?

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Hi! Everyone. I’m Takafumi. I’m working as a freelance designer in Japan. I design Logo, website, ad banner so on. I also make the website and mobile applications.

I’m just released the DesignBox. It is the most simple task management macOS’s app for freelance designers. There are a story and a reason for making this app.

I’d like to share my story with you.

My journey started one year ago.

I was working at the startup company related to education as an engineer and also a designer. I’ve had a lot of experience there. I got a lot of opportunities, such as making an app and design some stuff for CI so on. It makes me grow a lot. …



Designer / Software developer

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