On the sunny day

The sun is out in the Skye, it feels like it is little bigger than the usual. Today is flaming hot and my skin is being burnt. It doesn’t hurt but I can feel it.

Well. Any way under the tree sitting in the shade there is me. Absorbing the wind wishing I was a bird and writing this story. Thinking how to write and staring at the little rocks make me relax and distracts my brain from concentrating. Than train beeped. It popped whatever I was day dreaming about and I came back to the reality.

The place was surrounded by tall building but the space was big enough to park 10 cars. There were also train track near by and about every 20 minutes or so, the train passes by making loud noises.

My journalism class weren’t the only people there is well. There were people walking to their class, waiting for their buss and also waiting for their partner.

The road which was going the opposite direction were divided by the train track. The lane which was going to downtown had more cars per minutes which means more people is going to downtown than people leaving downtown.

The wind blew once in a few seconds and it made a sound since it was also blowing leafs as well. it showed how strong the wind was each times. The stronger the wind the further the leaf was blown away and more noises they made, scraping the concreate.

The wind wasn’t STRONG but it was strong enough to give me a cooler air and makes me feel comfortable. It blew my paper and flipped the pages.

Everyone was quiet and all we heard was the wind blowing leafs. Even though it was the perfect place to write we were only there for 20 minutes. It was the perfect place to be on the day like today.

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