Top 5 Reasons Why Travelers Need a Travel Agent

Finding the right hotel at the right price (that fits all your needs) is always challenging. There are lots of places around the world, all of them with different services, features, and prices. It feels like an impossible mission and super overwhelming when you start to search for options!

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Let us tell you the top 5 reasons why you need a Travel Agent:

1. It’s NOT more Expensive

According to research made by Signature Travel Network and The Center for Generational Kinetics, the majority of travelers are concern about end up paying more for travel through a travel consultant than if they simply book by themselves. However, with takeabed we are redefining the travel agents world and the perception is changing.

Why? takeabed agents make money only when you book their hotel recommendations and following to the next point, takeabed…

2. Agents Can Offer You Better Pricing

Our agents are part of an exclusive closed user group accessing wholesale rates (not traditional travel agent channels) giving them the ability to offer you hotel deals with up to 40% OFF from market rates. And as mentioned above, all this without overpay because takeabed agents make money just when you book the hotel.

Piece of advice: not all travel agents access to the same level of discounted rates.

3. It is secure

Thinking about giving your credit card details over the phone? Forget about that, that’s an old story. Thanks to our patented technology, travel agents can send you quotes via recommendation links. Once you receive them, open them from any device and pay securely from the comfy of your home without sharing any sensitive information with anyone. takeabed is PCI DSS compliance.

4. Save Valuable Time

Most people think about how much they can save by doing the work by themselves. That’s because people think in terms of money. However, what about the time? Yes, time is money too.

So, takeabed agents cannot only offer you the cheapest price in the market but also save your valuable time. We know all the different options out there, trying to give you offers and inducing you to buy with pressure and stress. Stop the madness! Our agents will give you the cheapest hotel rates effortless for you.

Check this short takeabed video to sum up this point.

5. Get Personalization

According to a post made by, the perception of “one-size-fits-all travel” is another barrier to travel consumers choosing to use travel agents. However, despite the fact takeabed match travelers & travel agents according to their needs; there is a point not taken into consideration: Research & Time Spent. In relation to the last point (4), travel agents do this for living and part of their work is to learn about destinations not only by reading on the internet (as you may do), also by going to conferences, doing destinations workshops, site inspections and such. So, summarizing, Travel Agents, in general, can give you a more personalized experience with the right recommendation for your needs. And the best part: You don’t have to do the work.

Finally, let us give you a precious piece of advice that most people do not know about travel agents & the hotel industry.

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When looking for hotel prices in sites like Trivago, Hotels com, Booking com, or Expedia, you won’t see much difference between each other in terms of price. Why? There’s something in the hotel industry called Rate Parity established by the hotel; which enforces all different online distribution channels (like the sites mentioned above) to respect the hotel’s Best Available Rate. For example, if the hotel says $100 is the BAR rate; you won’t see anything cheaper in the online market.

However, there are many other best practices normal people are not aware of to avoid this “rate parity” and are in compliance with the distribution policy of the hotel, therefore accepted by the industry. Some of these best practices are Closed User Groups (takeabed agents are part of one), Membership Clubs, Reservations over the phone, Redemption points, Loyalty Programs, etc.

All these different options mentioned above can get you the cheaper prices when booking hotels. But remember, not all of them will give you the cheapest price, give you personalization and save you time. So, next time you are planning a trip, request a travel agent with takeabed.

Thanks for reading!

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