Positioning Yourself Purposely

Have you ever taken time to consider how you can affect someone else just by deciding to be there with them by their side? There are many examples that can be used but I wanted to focus on two real life stories to discuss with you here as we examine purposeful positioning yourself.

Learning about a local story, where a young man had a group of high school football players run alongside him encouraging him during his race, made all the difference for this one young person. Here is a quote from the young man, “I couldn’t make it to where my friends were and I really wanted to run really fast. So, I couldn’t keep up so I got a little depressed,” said Damari. You find that when you are at the end of yourself, something can inspire you to keep going. In this case, you see how a group of players, choose to stand by this young man’s side not just by cheering him but by running with him. One of the players was attentive enough to this young man and stated, “He was struggling in the race and so all of us agreed to run with him all the way to the finish line,” said Xavien Richmond, a senior at Gateway High School.

You can find out more about this story. Source: Football team rallies to help boy finish race

In another example, this young girl who recently lost her father, who was a police officer, was headed back to school when she found several of her father’s coworkers show up to encourage her they were there for her as they took her to school. These were men who were willing to intentionally let their presence say so much more than words could for this young girl. Their decision to do this so impacted this young girl to know that she was not alone and that these men would be by her side in what she had need of.

You can find out more about this story. Source: Palm Springs Police Officers Escort Fallen Officer’s Daughter to School

Both examples inspire us to examine ourselves to position ourselves purposely to motivate and sincerely encourage someone else. It is one thing to want to and another to intentional do something about it. Consider where you are and distinguish between when you can be an encouragement by standing with someone and how you can walk intentionally in this. It is not just about showing up or just saying some very encouraging words but about positioning yourself purposely, that will leave a lasting impact just as noted in these two examples.

Thank you for taking moments with me. I share these heartfelt stories to bring encouragement. They inspire us and tell us of how we can make a difference in someone’s life. Share some of your real life stories. Let’s be a source of encouragement to others together.



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