Fresh Crab and Tender Meat!

Story of Tutut Soebijakto from Indonesia at Indian Wok

Hi…my name is Tutut Soebijakto. I come from Indonesia, was born and grew up in Jakarta, and I have lived for several years in Bandung, the area is quite famous for culinary tourism, and fashion. Almost every Saturday, and Sunday, many domestic tourists, and tourists from different parts of Asia come to Bandung, just for shopping, and dining.

Talk about eating, it is my hobby. When I was living in Jakarta, and Bandung, almost every week, I have taken the time to hang out with friends in café, karaoke, or restaurant.

Usually me, and my friends would be looking for a , clean, cozy, funky place to eat, and of course it feels good, sometimes not good also, when it was month end and waiting for salary….ha…ha…. Likewise when all my friends, didn’t have time to hang out, I used to go to café, or restaurant alone, and do my work.

I had to leave my habit, since I moved, and settled with my husband in Thrissur, Kerala. Initially it was very difficult to eliminate the culinary habits, because I have to adjust to the conditions of the local food. Fortunately, I am not a picky eater, so it was easy to quickly eat all the local cuisine.

Only issue, for me was that, it was hard to find a place to eat, that is cozy, clean, funky, and tasty. Maybe when talk about tasty food, a lot, as same as when talk about expensive places, but when talk about different ambience, it is rather difficult. So, last year, a friend of my husband introduced, a restaurant with a mix of Indian-Chinese cuisine “Indian Wok”. Before i visited the place, I was expecting, certainly the same taste, and place as other usual restaurants I have visited here, a restaurant with a large hall, and very crowded, uncomfortable to eat, and not relaxing.

But not so, when I came, it was a different, funky place’, cozy, stylish young, elegant for businessmen, with friendly service. If I could describe, perhaps like one of my favorite cafes in Jakarta.

Perhaps some of the dishes served at “Indian Wok” is almost the same taste as food served in nice restaurants in Jakarta & Singapore. The “Crab”, they serve is very tasty, and the meat is tender, crab is fresh, with a sauce that is quite spicy, soup vegetables are also fresh, and does not feel raw, and there are still some other dishes which for me is quite different in taste. “Indian Wok” enough for me to represent my longing for the Chinese cuisine, and is also a place to relax, and enjoy the food.


Tutut Soebijakto

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