Wonton Soup and Crab — Story of Generations

Wiwin Joy Maliyekkal writes about her favorite dishes at Indian Wok

It has been almost 10 years, I lived in Kutanellur, Thrissur. I come from Indonesia, has been married to Maliyekkal, Joy Anthony, and has 2 diamond-sons.

I already know the “Indian Wok” by chance, when my father-in-law was admitted in “Jubilee Mission Hospital”. When it I was bored with the restaurant food which is around “Jubilee Mission”. With riding motorbike, I had to go around, to looked for a nice restaurant, my friend told me “Indian Wok”, which is different from the other restaurant, clean, and comfortable.

When I saw “Indian Wok”, at the same, the name that remind me of the “Indian Wok” located in Singapore. When I was not married, I have lived in Singapore, so know that restaurant.

First impression, it looked like clean, waiters were also friendly. It made me, before trying their foods, felt comfortable, and happy. Then i saw the List of Menu, there was a bit difference from the other restaurant which is located in Thrissur, but almost same, with menu at “Indian Wok” in Singapore, though the menu at “Indian Wok” in Singapore, more varied.

When trying the food, so yummy, nice. After then, can you guess? I brought my family, nephew, and also friends, to come and eat there. It just so happens, there is one friend, who also came from Indonesia, often eat there. You know, my son Jowin like “Wonton Soup” from there, and me “Crab”!. Crab is very spicy, but i like that.

Now, “Indian Wok” has become one of the fave restaurant for us.

Wiwin Joy

Kutanellur, Thrissur

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