Meet Kanban Bubbles — a minimalist Kanban Board and Todo App for Android!

Save the world master plan in Kanban Bubbles

Kanban Bubbles is all about the joy to keep an overview of your tasks, set priorities, focus and finally do and complete things!

The app is divided in 4 stages: Done, Doing, Next and Canceled.

You typically insert a task somewhere in the Next stage — the higher its priority, the higher its position.

Then, you let it rise up like an air bubble in water. When you move it above the Next header, it moves to the Doing stage. You can then complete it and move it up to Done.

All around the Doing stage, you stay in control of what’s currently going on.

Right above the Doing stage, you have the Done entries you finished last.
Right below the Doing stage, you have the top priority tasks saved for Next.

When you read the list from top to bottom, it is a timeline. It starts in the past, then moves to the present and finally covers the future. The end tells what is never going to happen (“later = never”). This is why I arranged the sections one above the other. In a typical Kanban board, the stages are positioned left-to-right.

When you do it right, Kanban Bubbles helps you focus on few tasks in your Doing stage. Experts suggest that you limit your Work in Progress (WIP) to 1, 2 or 3 items.

Also, Kanban Bubbles helps you stick to your priorities and do the most important thing next.

I like the Kanban approach and todo apps! I tried to design Kanban Bubbles as simple as possible. I think it has the exact feature set to make it useful and yet avoid clutter. I hope you will find it useful as well!

Future directions

Here are the most important future directions for Kanban Bubbles:

  • Improve support for multiple projects and contexts (work / private / …).
  • Optionally sync online to share between devices and collaborating users.
  • Release Kanban Bubbles for iOS.

Thank you for your attention and interest!
Have fun, keep up the good work and enjoy Kanban Bubbles!