Love Hurts

It is not love that hurts, it is the separation from it that can cause pain.

When we consider the true meaning of love. The most common definitions include words like closeness, inclusion, attraction, likeness, care, etc. Yet in light of all these words, there remains a feeling that the description is incomplete.

Love is a profound feeling but the word can be used in the most trivial of circumstances.

A wise man once said, “the cosmos is or ever was or ever will be”. I believe that love is representative of all that is good. It is the positive side of an awesome and complicated spectrum of feelings. Often taken for granted, Love is such a common feeling and people forget how profound it is. It’s confused with other feelings found in the spectrum mentioned earlier.

It is important for people not to fall into this confusion. It is often said that “love hurts, “it sucks”, “it destroys”. These are words that describe feelings of pain, bad taste and ruin. Love is not one of them.

The great thing about love is that it can be the root or cause of other thoughts, feelings and action. But to confuse it with the negative aspects of life could be dangerous. It can make us get away from the feeling when in fact, we need to get closer to it more than ever.

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