[MVP,Prototype] TakeOff News Search ver0.2 has been released. (May 30, 2018)

TakeOff News Search ver0.2

We are pleased to inform you that the first version of the prototype of TakeOff News Search has been released.

TakeOff News Search:

TakeOff News Search has Search Engine and AI.

Allows you to view the latest articles at once.

Extracts related news, people, companies, cryptocurrency from news by AI and natural language processing and displays it along with stock chart and cryptocurrency chart.

This service can be used with smartphones and tablets in responsive design,
but you can access a lot of information with a big screen, so please try it on your computer.

Approximately 20% of the TakeOff News Search described in the whitepaper has been completed.

AI is currently learning with teacher data. Also, we are developing AI using deep learning.

The accuracy of correlating the relevance of news to related news and basic data will increase.

In addition, crawling target sites is more and it becomes international,
it will correspond to the stock price of many companies and the chart of many cryptocurrencies.

You want to know exactly how news are reported on other media right?
In some news, you want to know immediately how the stock price of the related company and the value of the crypto-currency fluctuated?(Under development)

TakeOff News Search realizes that.

Please try the first version of the prototype.

TakeOff News Search:

TakeOff Projects = Search Engine&AI + IEO Support + Token Exchange

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