[Progress] TakeOff Payment for IEO was released!

We are glad to announce that TakeOff Payment for IEO has been released.

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・Off-chain technology
・Purchase with ETH/ERC20 tokens based on the current market price
・Acceptable Currency: Ether and other ERC20 tokens

Until now, if you do a token sale with decentralized instead of on centralized exchange, it has been usual to use a smart contract that exchange sale token with the rate on ETH.

However, it has some problem so the volatility of ETH itself is high.

For example, contributors who purchased early in the project should purchase the sale token at a lower price, but if ETH drops during the token sale, purchasing the sale token later in the token sale will result in lower tokens.

In IEO, the sale tokens are sold at fiat-based prices and the price and value of the tokens are stable. It is also easy to manage sales prices by token sale phase.

TakeOff Payment decentralizes the benefits of IEO on centralized exchanges.

Off-chain technology allows the sale token to be sold at the current market price. It also allows exchange for all ERC20 tokens, not just ETH. For ETH and ERC20 tokens, the amount of exchange for sales tokens is automatically calculated according to the current market price.

This is very easy to use DApps. Please take a look at the video.

How to use TakeOff Payment

It will be integrated into TakeOff Exchange as IEO launch pad.

TakeOff Payment will also be a payment system for web applications It will be faster with off-chain technology and more familiar with users.

We are looking for comment for TakeOff Payment.
Please let us know via bitcointalk / twitter.

We, TakeOff Centre, support a private sale of “Work MINE Vision”.


We will continue to upgrade from now on, so please look forward to it!

Best regards,

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