[Release] TakeOff Centre has been released (June 19, 2018)

Everyone’s dreams, all kinds of dreams, Taking Off like a rocket.

What is TakeOff Centre

TakeOff Centre is one of Takeoff Projects.

TakeOff Centre supports startups that have outstanding IT technology and business plans with the following.

Consulting support

Management, market trend surveys, and legal support.

IT technical support

Technical support such as ICOs, AI, search engine, and blockchain.

Support for the use of issued tokens

Mutual use between startups.

Screening standard

In principle,

(1) Startup can make a prototype that can actually be used for customers by ICO (Main Sale), or that about blockchain technology, cross chain technology and virtual currency platform technology, there is a design document

(2) There is a prospect that corporate value will be more than tens of millions of dollars

(3) the business is eco-friendly and maintains sustained growth.

Four startup projects are in progress.

For latest infomation, Check Startups and Next ICO with TakeOff Centre.

With the release of TakeOff Center, TakeOff Project’s entire business development is completed by 50% by own funds.

TakeOff Projects = Search Engine&AI + IEO Support + Token Exchange

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