Benchmark Analysis: Stitchlabs

By Takeo Hirasawa

Stitchlabs is an innovatory control application for large businesses/growing businesses. Keep track of products and their sale status (from selling, to purchasing, to receiving).

Who uses it?

This application proves useful to apparel and accessories businesses such as Purse & Clutch, Viscata and Yummy Treasures.

Why do they use it?

Stitchlabs aims to be “the centre of all commerce” for your businesses by auto linking between multi-channeling (to Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, etc).

Information Architecture

Hierarchy strongly displays the navigation as header in a darker shade of grey. The use of colour, lightness and darkness contrasts well between content, navigation and menu functions. Notifications are integrated with the nav bar as a typical newsfeed style alert in the corner of the display. Information that is most pressing is subtlety colour coded in red. Other information content flow can be organized by the use of filtering and published listings.

Visual Design

The design and Typography is consistent throughout. THe use of icons and button outlining is somewhat prominent, yet subtle. Headings are pretty much the same or at a very close pt. size to lead an easy flow of reading. Intermediate status related functions are highlighted in blue as draft information is chucked by a lighter turquoise hue. Colour coding specific product statuses is coherent and easy to get used to. The minimal colour touch works well in this desktop display.

Perhaps the tabs “order” and purchase orders can be combined into one tab to reduce the clutter of tabs in the navigation bar. A selectable “order ” button can be seen at least 4 times in the display, this may throw the viewer off. The amount of information would be very difficult to be viewed on mobile display.

Is it effective?

Logo looks outdated with the use of transparent layering (not very crisp). Auto multichannel syncing can be very useful when changing pricing of products, especially between different nations with varying currencies. In terms of the effectiveness, perhaps only the price can determine it’s value as a product. ($99 monthly f or starter product)($2000 for premium features).

Would this app be useful to Deloitte Digital?

In terms of innovatory and organisation of content, yes. Tracking of expenses would be more useful as well as the tracking of products. Multichannel syncing might be an important edition to serve the needs of a financial documentation service. The syncing of rates and invoices could prove more valid than the syncing of sale channels. Selling of products is cool, however, not really necessary for Deloitte. They do not sell physical products, however, when processing payments, organized innovatory could be useful.

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