Do You Feel Trapped?

We become so immersed in our own sorrows and limitations that we often are unaware that we are trapped inside them and definitely unaware that we can expand our walls even if we cannot break them down entirely.

We are as blinkered horses, unable to see anything but what is ahead of us. Why? Because the vision to the sides of us are frightening.

Who says this? Who tells us that anything but that is which straight ahead is bad for us?

We are paralysed by the pain of our current situation, the pain is so overwhelming that it prevents us from even thinking that there could be alternatives. Our day-to-day lives take so much energy that we have nothing to spare to move our lives forward and out from the pain.

How do we get out of the pain? Is it as simple as gratitude and change of our mindset?

Yes and no — and it sure isn’t easy.

How does practising daily gratitude help? How does changing your mindset help? Is it all internal changes or do you have to make a external changes too?

What if your life feels hopeless? Try to see the good in your situation.

Will all this change the actual circumstances of your life? Probably not, however it will help you except your life and be happier with in yourself.

Change the way you think about yourself, your life, and your business so that you can forge your own path with confidence, courage, and conviction.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2017.

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