I don’t have just one passion and that’s OK

You, yes you, the one sat at the back looking puzzled. I’m totally with you. What’s with all this ‘follow your passion’ stuff? Singular passion. What the hell is MY passion you’re thinking, I know coz it’s all over your face loud enough for me to hear.

Yeah, some people do have a passion, one passion, singular, all-encompassing, focused, laser-point sharp, this-is-my-one-thing kinda passion. Well woo-hoo for them.

I’ve been hearing all about this passion stuff for a while and never quite got it. What is my ‘passion’? Should that be Passion with a capital P? There’s lots of things I like (and do really well thank you very much) why should I only pick one? I don’t wanna pick just one, that sucks, I want lots, I want to follow all my paths and see where they lead. Is that wrong of me? Am I faulty? Do I need a reboot or something?

You know what, it doesn’t matter if you enjoy, love, get turned on, get fired up by more than one thing. There’s room in our lives for many loves and numerous passions. And there is no fault in wanting to explore all of them. Hey, who wants to have a conversation with someone who only has one subject to talk about? Pretty boring huh?

Some of my business related passions are (in no particular order) — I write, create with WordPress, hang out on social media far too much. build communities, plan and plot directions for business, mentor, geek out with tech, connect with people. In my personal life I read fantasy/sci-fi and classic novels, I cross-stitch, I pootle around with my mum’s sewing machine, I play board games (anyone got wood for some sheep?), I slay dragons, I’m trying to learn guitar, I play a little on the keyboard, I curse the TV network that cancelled Firefly, I love history — especially ancient Egypt, I write, I rock out to all sorts of music.

All these things are me, they’re all my passions to greater or lesser degree, why choose one thing? Well sure, if I really wanted to be a world class rock guitarist then I’d have to concentrate on that and exclude many other things. But I don’t want to be world class anything, I want to have fun, explore possibilities, try new things.

Circling back to business…

I read Mash Up by Ian Sanders and David Sloly late last year and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I knew there were different aspects of myself and my business but struggled about which one to pick. Turns out I didn’t have to pick one, I could have them all. All I needed to do was find a unifier that linked them all together in a place that defined me yet allowed for expansion and change of direction. It didn’t take me long to figure out mine.

My unifier, the one thing that drives all my business aspects and makes everything come together in a cohesive mish-mash structure of total awesomeness …

I make people smile.

That is what I love to do in my business and my personal life. I want to make people smile, bring joy to their lives, allow them to see how happy their paths could be. And my myriad passions enable me to do that because of the numerous and varied experiences and knowledge they have given me.

If you want to learn more or feel I could bring a smile to your business life then let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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