In this episode of Freedom Hustlers Show we have an amazing dude from SSM, from USA although he’s been all over the world. He’s one of the executive instructors in Timothy Marc Secret Society Mastermind and also has sold and automated many businesses and he’s also a great friend of mine and a huge inspiration, he’s the great Spencer McMurtry.

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Spencer started at a very young age at 15 with an airbrush tatoo business, and then started a print business called Infinite Graphics, which was not the best business to automate, but he did, sold the business and started with that experience a Vehicle Wraps business which he completely automated and took it to national level while he was staying in Thailand enjoying traveling and life.

Spencer McMurtry - The System Method - Take Right Action

Spencer is the founder of:

Now he’s working on The Systems Method in which he coaches other business owners to automate their own businesses even if they’re hard to automate while traveling all around the world, so let’s not wait any longer and jump right to the interview.

Interview with Spencer McMurtry

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In this Episode, You Will Learn:

The Freedom Hustlers Show - Take Right Action
  • Spencer’s story in the entrepreneurial path
  • How he started a his Print Business
  • How he uses systems to free time
  • How to get to get the clients you want
  • How to destroy your competitors even if you’re new
  • Learning about systems for all your life

Actionable Steps

  • Start even if you don’t have anything
  • Think of your exit strategy from the start
  • Analyze Competitors to Become Better than Them
  • Turn EVERYTHING into a System
“Find Someone Who Already Is Living the Life You Want and Get Them To Mentor You”

Resources Mentioned in this Interview

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Got questions or any advice or thoughts you want to share about this interview or anything you learned that helped you on your way to freedom? What’s one thing you can take from Spencer’s journey? Please feel free to share in the comments section below!

Thanks so much for watching the interview with Spencer McMurtry, I truly appreciate YOU!



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